Abusir is a village and archeological site in the south of Giza City. The main factors behind Abu Sir resonating fame and increasing importance is the existence of a large number of Pharaonic monuments and pyramids. It was the land of the Sun Temples and pyramids of the kings of the Fifth Dynasty and encloses remains of necropolises from various eras through out history.Within its limits, Abusir encloses 4 pyramids dating from the Fifth Dynasty: Pyramid of Sahure , Pyramid of Nefer-ir-ka-Re , Pyramid of Nefer-ef-Re , and Pyramid of Ne-user-Re . What most reflects the spread of the sun cult among the kings of the Fifth Dynasty is the Sun Temples that were dedicated to the worship of the sun-god in Abusir.

It was expected that each king of this dynasty would have built a Sun Temple, but only two temples were found: one of King Userkaf and the other of King Ne-user-Re. In the last years, the excavations the Cairo University undertook have discovered necropolises of the prehistoric time, and the first two dynasties that contained many pottery works, stone vessels, daily life objects, amulets and other items.