Since the beginging of the pharaonic history and exactly since the invention of hierogyphic alphabers with all its variations and developments, the ancient egyptian wanted to transmit every thing regarding his meditations, hopes, fears and creed in the hear after. Observing their own climate and geography egyptian soon believed that man life is like the different cycles arround him, link the sun, the moon, the nile: birth, childhood, maturity, geting old and death. He firmly believed in resurection, like the plants, the insects cycles and many other pheomena in the nature. With the available tools he transmitted us all his imagination about the hereafter and his believe in justic there. He imagined a life like the one he is living with his wife, his children and all his beloved and draw them in his tombs with plenty of food, jewelery, drinks and supplies. With the development of hieroglypics and the availability of resources and space or their shortage and also the development of the religion that suffered many variations, merging and even foreign influence, the description of the hereafter changed through the centuries in many scripts called books.