Tale of Sinuhe the Egyptian

Sinuhe was among Senusert's retinue when he returned from his campaign in Libya. Sinuhe chanced to overhear the announcement made to the young prince concerning his father's assassination. He fled away, either because he had heard something that he should not or for some other unknown reason.

He passed through the Delta to the East, crossing the Suez and finally reaching Syria. There, one of the Bedouins recently conquered by Egypt welcomed and adopted him. The years passed by, and after various adventures Sinuhe became a respected and powerful tribal chieftain. In response to his pleas, Senusert agreed to give him a royal pardon. He returned to his own country, met the royal children once more and ultimately died among his own people. The story of Sinuhe was one of the most popular works in Egyptian literature, of which several hundred copies have survived.