This tale dates from the reign of king Thutmose III and was used as a means for glorifying the duties of Amun. Joppa was one of the cities captured by Thutmose III and then its people rebelled against him. This rebellion made the king assigns General Djehuty to put an end for this problem and overcome the rebels. The General played a trick on the leaders of the rebellion by inviting them for negotiation out of their land and then tortured them severely with the cane of Thutmose and enslaved them. Then he sent a messenger to the city telling its inhabitants that Djehuty had been defeated and would pay attribute for them. Then he sent them 200 baskets as a gift of peace in which his soldiers were hiding to enter the city. As soon as the baskets reached, the soldiers spread throughout the city and controlled over it. After achieving victory, the General sent a message to the king telling him that he managed to defeat the rebels of Joppa and take its people as captives and the reason for all that success is the support of Amun-Ra and provides him with power.