Before travelling to Egypt, you need to know some information about the weather to make sure your visit is at the right time and to bring suitable outfits. The weather varies from a region to another, but generally, Egypt features a desert climate which is very hot, dry and sunny in most of the areas and humid in Delta region and in areas located along the Mediterranean.

                    In summer months, sometimes the weather becomes very hot and intolerable in some areas, including the desert and cities like Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and more. When you visit any of these famous touristic sites you need to use sun protection to avoid harmful sun rays. It is also preferred to wear hats, sunglasses, lightweight cotton clothes and flat sneakers to feel more comfortable during your tour. The summer season in Egypt starts in June and ends in September, so you need to be prepared if you visited Egypt during these months. In coastal areas, the hot weather is accompanied by cool wind that makes the weather pleasant and bearable.

                    The winter season in Egypt takes the period from December to March when the weather becomes moderate but gets colder during nights and early mornings. In desert areas, temperature becomes too low and very cold. Rain falls almost in all areas, and thus you need to consider bringing light jackets and an umbrella.

                    Fall and spring are characterized by the perfect weather for visiting Egypt. Fall starts in September and lasts until December, while spring is from March till June. These seasons include low prices and fewer crowds, so it is a suitable time for an enjoyable tour. You can bring light long-sleeved clothes or a light jacket with t-shirts in case the weather becomes a bit cold. You need to know that spring features a sandstorm called "Khamsin wind" which is a warm storm carrying sands from the desert and it lasts for a few days.

                Some areas in Egypt require to be visited in certain seasons during the year since the weather differs from an area to another. For example, having an incredible Luxor and Aswan Nile cruise is better during winter because you will get to enjoy pleasant weather. These interesting cities get too hot and sunny in summer, therefore, it is not recommended to be visited. Your trip to Luxor and Aswan will allow you to see a lot of famous ancient touristic sites like the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and Queens, Luxor Museum, Philae Temple and others. During the night when the weather gets nicer, you can enjoy attending the sound and light shows held at these touristic monuments to introduce the great history of Egypt and the story of each monument. You can also spend the night on the cruise and watch entertaining Tanoora and belly dancing shows or just enjoy the enchanting view of the Nile.

                   Visiting desert areas like Siwa Oasis, Fayoum and others is better during fall, spring or early winter. You should avoid travelling to these areas during the summer which has unbearable hot weather, and during winter, nights get freezing. In these amazing areas, you can do a lot of amusing activities. For example, in Fayoum, you can head to Wadi El Rayan and enjoy observing the beauty of nature portrayed through the popular waterfall there. You can also do sandboarding and take several lovely photos to save memory. In addition, do not miss visiting the magic lake also in Fayoum which will capture you with its charming sight. Areas like Siwa comprises some of the extraordinary places including mountains, lakes, islands and more which you need to explore yourself.

                  In case you want to spend some time on beaches in cities like Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and others, you need to go in winter when the weather is nice. In summer, these cities feature very hot weather that you cannot tolerate, but in winter, your trip will be perfect and you will have the chance to do various interesting and adventurous activities. You can try diving deep into the water with professional divers or do snorkeling from the surface and observe the beautiful colourful fish and coral reefs. To add some suspense, you should go on safari trips with beach buggies in the desert, enjoy a barbecue at night, get to know the Bedouin life and drink the tasty Bedouin tea. Moreover, you can try the fascinating skydiving experience which allows you to have a view of the city from above and the entertaining parasailing activity.

                    Furthermore, visiting major cities like Cairo and Alexandria is suitable during all seasons. You just need to take care when you go out during the day in summer and visiting areas like the Pyramids because the weather gets too hot and humid during this season. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the pyramids in another season to enjoy exploring, riding horses or camels, taking photos and buying souvenirs. Other closed tourist sites like the Egyptian Museum, Salah El-din Citadel and more can be visited in all seasons. In Alexandria, it is also not preferred to visit open sites in the morning during summer since it gets too hot, but you can enjoy visiting them at any time of the year. Egypt contains a variety of extraordinary cities you must see but you also need to know what to visit and when to make sure your trip is ideal.