Egypt is an incredible country which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world by its exceptional culture, superior history, tourist attractions, extraordinary cities and more to discover yourself. Your trip to Egypt must be well-planned in order not to waste time in doing nothing and seize every minute in exploring the country and entertaining yourself. Therefore, before travelling to Egypt, it is better to prepare an early plan for your trip to know what you need to do, what you must not miss, how to book a trip at an affordable cost, what you need to pack with you and where to go.  

                There are some things that you should consider when you plan to have an extraordinary trip to Egypt. Some people believe that flight tickets are too expensive to afford but they are not aware that travelling with the least expenses and getting cheap tickets is also possible. The easiest way to buy cheap tickets is through searching on the internet, and you will find several results presenting offers for a variety of travel agencies that provide affordable prices for flight tickets, hotel reservations and Nile cruise bookings. Moreover, you will have the availability of booking online or by going to the company you prefer. You will get to choose the suitable package offered by the agency according to your interest. Some agencies also provide tailor-made service which allows you to create your own package in a way that suits you. It is a simple and easy process to book your trip and start your interesting adventure.

                    In addition, there are some tips you need to keep in mind before booking a Nile Cruise. It is better that you do not reserve a cruise below 5-star standard to avoid any health problems. Eating onboard a 5-star cruise or above is safer because they offer clean and healthy food to guarantee the enjoyment of tourists. Cruises below 5-stars may not serve best-quality food, and thus you may face stomach problems that may ruin your whole trip. You need to know that there is a difference between 5-star and 5-star deluxe cruises. The more luxurious facilities are offered, the higher the number of the star becomes, therefore, a 5-star deluxe cruise is much better than a 5-star cruise because you will get to have a more comfortable and entertaining accommodation. When you book a 5-star deluxe cruise, you will have the chance to enjoy cabins with more luxurious features, a variety of good-quality and fascinating meals, massage for relaxation, Jacuzzi and more.

                       Moreover, when you decide to book a Nile cruise or make a hotel reservation, you should pay attention to the time of your booking. You need to know that the period from November to February represents the peak season which includes Easter, Christmas and New year celebrations, and thus it is not recommended that you book your trip during this period. In the peak season, the cost of booking a flight or cruise or even reserving a hotel becomes much higher than in the low season and all areas get very crowded, therefore, early reservations are more preferred. However, celebrations in Egypt are very entertaining, so if you already booked your trip in the peak season, you should also seize the chance and go. Having a Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan is recommended in winter to have a fantastic trip because the weather becomes pleasant, but in summer the weather gets too hot to handle, and you will not be able to visit touristic sites during the morning period.

                     Packing your bag with the necessary items is also important, and thus it is preferred that you prepare your things early for your trip in order not to forget any item. Pick the necessary items to take according to the schedule of your trip. For example, if your tour includes a Nile cruise, you need to consider taking casual outfits along with smart clothes to wear at dinner time. In case of spending some time on the spectacular beaches of Egypt, you must not forget to bring your swimsuit to enjoy swimming, sunscreen cream for protection from heat, sunglasses, tan oil if you wish to darken your skin a bit or any other thing. Your visit to exceptional historic destinations requires taking comfortable flat sneakers to be capable of moving around easily, avoiding wearing high heels because it is definitely not suitable for the trip and carrying sunblock for daytime visits. Your bag should also include light clothes, especially cotton ones since it gets too hot and sunny at times. Taking photos is a very enjoyable thing to do when you visit any place in Egypt because it helps in saving the memory of your tour and always remind you of the interesting time you had. Therefore, try not to forget bringing your camera and extra batteries. In addition, do not forget to bring enough amount of your prescribed medication if you have, and also get the prescription with you to be able to buy your medication from any pharmacy in Egypt in case you have finished them and wish to stay for extra days to continue your amusing trip. In case you find out that you have forgotten any of these essential items, you need to know that you can purchase anything as soon as you reach Egypt, so do not worry.

                      Furthermore, your travel planner or schedule has to include popular and usual tourist destinations which must be seen on your first visit to Egypt. For example, when you arrive at the city of Cairo, you must head to the amazing Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx which represent the great Pharaonic history. These sites are better visited in the morning during the winter season, because during summer the weather gets too hot and sunny, and there is no shade to take a rest from the heat. You should also consider stopping by the open-air Memphis Museum and the Egyptian Museum to enjoy seeing all the ancient artifacts displayed and to go on a journey through the rich history to learn the story behind each piece. The Citadel of Saladin is another famous tourist attraction that you should take a look at. There are several sites within the Citadel that you will enjoy visiting, including the Mosque of Mohammed Ali and the Museum. Visiting the Religious Complex is also a stunning idea because you will get to visit various famous Islamic mosques, Coptic churches and Jewish Temples. Your day in Cairo needs to end by heading to the old market of Khan El-Khalili and enjoy an interesting shopping experience which includes purchasing exceptional Egyptian products. In case you have chosen to experience the Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan, your To-do List must contain visiting some particular touristic sites. For example, you should head to the Valley of the Kings which is preferred to be visited in the early morning because later during the day the temperature increase and gets too hot. Start by visiting the tomb of Tuthmosis III which is one of the well-known tombs set in the Valley of Kings. Also, keep in mind stopping by Deir El-Bahri which is one of the fantastic ancient buildings that has managed to survive throughout the years. Do not forget to visit the Colossi of Memnon, Luxor and Karnak Temples along with the Temples of Philae and Abu Simbel. There are a lot more incredible cities and landmarks to see and more activities to do to make your trip to Egypt unforgettable.