Our aim is to provide answers to the frequently asked questions to help you with all your inquiries before travelling so that you can have an enjoyable trip with no worries.

Common Questions on Visa

-Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Egypt is a safe destination, and you will have a peaceful and enjoyable trip to any of its extraordinary cities to do all the activities and visit all of its famous landmarks and beaches. The tourist police, the army and others provide full safety and security for your visit to avoid the occurrence of any issues.

-What do I need to do to get my tourist Visa?

You need to head to the Egyptian Embassy to apply for your tourist visa. In case you are from another country like Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Western Europe, North America or others, you are allowed to take your tourist visa upon arrival to Egypt.

-What do I need to do to apply for a tourist visa in case I live in a county that differs from the one mentioned in my passport?

You can get your tourist visa by applying to the Egyptian Consulate in the country where you live in case you have a residence permit, but if you do not have that permit, you need to apply for the visa at the country mentioned in your passport.

-Am I allowed to visit Cairo or Luxor if I am in a resort in Sinai?

Visiting cities in Egypt located on the west of the Red Sea or along the Suez Canal requires having a full tourist Visa, although several Sinai resorts do not require a visa from various nationalities.

-Am I permitted to visit Cairo or Luxor if I am in a resort in Hurghada?

The moment you leave Hurghada, you will be asked for a full tourist visa, however, staying in Hurghada does not require a visa for several nationalities.

-Does returning to Egypt require a visa in case I decided to travel to Jordan and come back?

Yes, you need to apply for another visa to be able to enter Egypt again because your visa gets stamped when you leave the country. You can also get the new visa upon arrival in case you are from a country that is permitted to do so.

-Am I allowed to extend my tourist visa to more than one month?

Yes, you are allowed, and in this case, you need to head to the Mogamma in Tahrir square or other alternative offices in cities like Luxor, Alexandria or others to apply for extending your tourist visa.


Common Questions on Accommodation

-How could I know the difference between a 5-star and 5-star deluxe hotel or cruise?

Booking a 5-star deluxe cruise is more preferred than just a 5-star cruise because you will get to have a more comfortable and entertaining accommodation due to the availability of more luxurious facilities. When you choose to book a 5-star deluxe cruise, you will get to enjoy cabins with more luxurious features, a variety of good-quality and fascinating meals, massage for relaxation, Jacuzzi and more amenities.

- Why is staying in a hotel near the pyramids preferred more than staying in Downtown?

The first thing you should do when you visit Cairo is to head to the great Pyramids of Giza especially if you are staying for a few days, and thus reserving a room in hotel near the pyramids will allow you to visit several touristic sites easily and in a short time without getting stuck in the traffic jam of the downtown. Hotels near the Pyramids also offer more luxurious facilities like outdoor swimming pools, lovely gardens for relaxation and more to make sure you get an entertaining accommodation. In addition, the expense of staying in a resort in the area of the pyramids is less than downtown hotels.

-How can I know the differences between bed and breakfast, half board, full board and all-inclusive hotel packages?

Bed and breakfast includes having breakfast only, while half-board includes enjoying both breakfast and dinner meals. All three meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided when you reserve the full board. Moreover, you will enjoy all the meals together with some drinks in case you book the all-inclusive package.

-Can I go out after the tour of the day ends or should I stay at the hotel?

You do not have to stay at the hotel because it will be more fun to go out and start exploring Egypt on your own to learn more about its culture and get to deal with Egyptian people. You should try doing some shopping to get Egyptian souvenirs and gifts to take back home to always remind you of your interesting trip. You can also try an amazing dinner on a Nile cruise where you can enjoy musical, belly dancing and other performances.

-Where can I keep my valuable possessions in hotels or on cruises?

A safe is always available at hotels and on cruises so that you can keep your expensive items without worrying about their loss. You can know the instructions for using the safe by asking the staff at the reception and you will be provided with all the information needed to be able to put your things into the safe.

Common Questions on Transportation

-Where can I find the main bus station in Cairo?

You can reach the main bus station, which is called the Cairo Gateway, by heading to the Torgoman area located near the center of the city. You can easily go by taking taxi.

-Where are buses available in Luxor?

 You can find the Luxor bus station located behind the famous Luxor Temple.

-Where can I find the bus station in Hurghada?

You can easily take a bus from the Hurghada bus station situated in the city center.

-Where can I take a bus to Sharm El-Sheikh?

You need to take a taxi to be able to reach the bus station since it is located in the suburbs of the city on Freedom Road or use the bus service provided at your hotel.

-Is booking tickets for the sleeper train available online?

No, tickets for sleeper train cannot be booked online but can be reserved over the phone by calling El Watania, and then you will have a booking reference to take the tickets at Cairo station and pay for their cost at 24 hours maximum before the train departure.

-What should I do to go to Aswan from Hurghada?

You can take a bus that can get you directly from Hurghada to Aswan, but it is preferred that tourists take a bus to Luxor and then use the train to reach Aswan.

-Is it preferred to take a bus to travel from Cairo to Luxor or vice versa?

It is better for tourists to use trains or take a flight to their destination because these air-conditioned buses may get a bit crowded and you may not be able to purchase a ticket but they are still useful means for transporting.

-Can I purchase a ticket from the bus station on the same day as my trip?

Yes, you can but it is preferred that you buy your ticket at least 24 hours before your trip because buying it on the same day may lower your chances to find available seats next to each other, and this will not be suitable, especially if you are travelling with your children.

-Is renting a car available in Cairo?

 Yes, you can rent a car in Cairo since it comprises some of the prime companies for car rental, so you all you need to do is get a car and start exploring Egypt. You need to know that you might get stuck in traffic.

- Should I be concerned about driving in Egypt or is it safe?

 It is safe to drive in Egypt but it is better to use any of the means of transportation available in Egypt to have a comfortable trip and to arrive to your destination in a short time, especially if it is your first time to drive in Egypt and you are not aware of the roads.

-Is it allowed to hire a bicycle to get to the West Bank at Luxor?

Yes, it is possible but it is not really preferred because in areas like Luxor during the day the weather may become very hot, so it will not be comfortable for you to handle this heat. In addition, there are no roads specified for cycling only, so you will be on the same road for cars.

-Is it possible to travel from Europe to Egypt by a ferry?

Unfortunately, it is not possible because there is no connection between Alexandria or Port Said and other ports on the Mediterranean in the meantime.


Common Questions on Tourist Destinations

- How can I reach Abu Simbel?

If you would like to have easy and comfortable transport to Abu Simbel, you should take a flight which takes about 4 hours which includes the round trip and the visit. You can also reach Abu Simbel by taking police controlled bus from Aswan.

-Is taking a cruise the only way to reach Esna or Kom Ombo or are there other ways?

It is possible to visit Esna or Kom Ombo from Luxor or Aswan by using the train, and then you can take a taxi to easily reach your destination.

-Is it allowed to have a cruise from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan?

In order to reach Luxor or Aswan from Cairo, you need to take a flight or train because taking a cruise directly from Cairo is not available.

-Is it possible to explore any of the three pyramids of Giza from the inside?

Yes, it is allowed but there is a limited number of tickets, and you can only purchase these tickets from the main entrance. You need to arrive early to able to find a ticket because they get sold out quickly.

-Is it permitted to take photos inside tombs?

Taking photos is not allowed inside tombs, and in some sites like the Valley of the King, visitors are asked to leave their cameras before entering because using the flash of the camera may result in ruining pieces of art inside the tombs. Therefore, you must follow the rules to prevent the occurrence of any problems.

-Are touristic destinations limited to the ones repeated in every package of trips to Egypt offered by several companies?

You may find that some particular destinations are included in every package of trips to Egypt because companies take into consideration that most of the tourists are heading to Egypt for the first, so they focus including the sites that must be visited and cannot be postponed for later. You should know that Egypt comprises a large number of historical destinations that you must not miss.


Health Issues

-Should I be concerned about the Malaria disease and take any medicine for it?

No, you should not worry about the malaria disease because it does not exist in Egypt and taking anti-malaria medication may lead to other harmful side effects that will prevent you from enjoying your trip.

-Is taking prescribed medicine permitted during my trip?

Yes, it is allowed to get your prescribed medication but try not to bring a large amount. In case you have finished your medication during your trip and you are will stay for extra days, you can buy from pharmacies in Egypt. Do not also forget to bring the prescription because some pharmacies require seeing it before selling some medicines.

-Does drinking water in Egypt causes any harm?

It is safe to drink tap water in Egypt but it is preferred to purchase bottled water to avoid the occurrence of unexpected issues since you are not used to that water.

-Should I worry about washing my teeth by tap water in Egypt?

No, you should not be concerned about using tap water in washing your teeth because it is totally safe and no harm will happen to you.


What to Wear

-Is there a certain outfit for men to wear for entering a mosque?

It is preferred that men wear long trousers and not to wear shorts in case of entering a mosque but you will not face any problems if you wear shorts.

-Are women required to wear a specific outfit before entering a mosque?

It is preferred that you cover your skin and wear a headscarf as a sort of respect for the religious site but it is not a must.

-Will I be asked to wear a certain outfit on a cruise?

On a cruise, you are allowed to wear whatever you like but you may be asked to dress well for dinner. Formal dressing is not a must, so you can wear casual clothes but you should be elegant. Swimsuits are not permitted on a cruise.

-How should I dress if I decided to wander around cities?

You can wear whatever you want but it is preferred that you wear something comfortable like shorts and t-shirts to walk around freely.

-How should I dress when I visit any attractions?

You can dress whatever you like, but you should take into consideration the time of your visit because heading to attractions during the day requires wearing something light and covering your skin since it gets too hot and sunny. You also need to wear flat sneakers because high heels are totally not preferred.


Women's Questions

-Can women travel alone? Is it safe?

Women should not worry about travelling alone because it is safe since policemen, army soldiers and tourist policemen are spread all over the country to protect tourists as well as citizens. Thus, you will always find them close to your location in case you needed help but you should know that problems will rarely happen, so you should not be scared to travel to Egypt alone.

-Should women cover their skin whenever they wander around the cities?

Women can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable like shorts, t-shirts and others during their tour, and you will notice that some Egyptian women dress like that, so covering your whole skin is not a must.


Common Questions on Money

-Is it simple to use my credit or debit card in Egypt?

Yes, credit and debit cards are accepted and easily used all over Egypt, including in hotels, cruises, shopping malls and more. When you decide to do some shopping in local markets, it is preferred that you carry some cash because you may find that some shops do not accept cards.

-Are ATMs available everywhere in Egypt?

Yes, you will find ATMs everywhere, and each bank places ATMs guarded by security at the front doors. ATMs are also available in shopping malls, airports, railway stations and others, so you can easily find and use them wherever you go.


General Questions

-What is the maximum voltage in Egypt and what is the shape of plugs?

The voltage in Egypt reaches 220V and the plugs should be the two round pin shape.

-Is permitted to buy alcohol in Egypt?

Yes, it is allowed to purchase alcohol in Egypt and you will find it available at hotels, some cafes and restaurants. You should be aware that drinking alcohol in the streets of Egypt is forbidden, so you should take care not to break the rules.

-Can I bring alcohol with me to Egypt?

Yes, you can but you need to know that Egypt permits bringing 2 liters of alcohol maximum.

-Is there a particular legal age for drinking in Egypt?

Yes, the legal age for drinking in Egypt is 21 years.