Egypt is a marvelous country that is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world to enjoy seeing its spectacular monuments which highlight the history of ancient times. To guarantee having an entertaining time, your visit to Egypt must be full of activities and a lot of movement from a site to another. You will get to stay in hotels, experience fascinating Nile Cruises, try amazing Egyptian food in several restaurants, do some shopping in famous shopping areas and a lot more. Therefore, there are some tips that you should consider before visiting any place to maintain your health condition and not to allow anything to mess your tour.     

                To make sure you do not catch any diseases in order not to ruin your enjoyable trip to Egypt, you must be aware of some tips to keep yourself healthy. First of all, it is preferred that you do not drink tap water because it may cause stomach aches to those who are not used to drinking it. The tap water is totally clear but it is strongly chlorinated, and thus it is better to drink bottled water of low cost and avoid tap water to maintain good health. However, you can use tap water for other things, including washing and brushing your teeth.

                You should also take care when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables or food generally. Before trying delicious and fresh fruits or vegetables, you need to make sure that they are clean and well-washed. Be certain that it is safe to eat any type of food at hotels and on cruises because they always serve clean and healthy food that will not cause any stomach problems. In addition, you need as much as possible to avoid eating food in cheap places because food may not be safe for you to try, therefore, focus on having meals in famous restaurants, hotels, food courts of shopping malls and on cruises.

               Moreover, if you are not used to hot weather and strong heat, you should avoid going out during the afternoon period in the summer season, especially in desert areas because you may get extremely tired of the heat, therefore, always keep in mind taking something salty to eat in case something happens. You should always carry a bottle of water to avoid the occurrence of dehydration. In addition, do not forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and also try not to stand for long periods in sunny areas because you may get sunstrokes. Thus, try to find shaded areas to take a rest from the heat of the sun and wear light outfits.

              During your visit to Egypt, it is preferred not to use public toilets because they may not be too clean and may not include toilet papers or soap to wash your hands. It is better that you use toilets at hotels, in restaurants or on cruises since they are usually cleaned by the staff and well-prepared with all you need. However, it is also recommended that you bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer even in these toilets to avoid any unexpected issues.

                In case you have got any health problems during your trip even if you have caught the flu, you will find that Egypt contains a large number of hospitals spread all over the country, so it is easy to find them whenever you need it. It is better that you use private hospitals because it will be less crowded, more clean, more expensive and contains more professional doctors than public hospitals. Furthermore, Egypt comprises various pharmacies which remain open 24 hours a day so that you can buy any medicine you need at any time. You should know that you are allowed to bring you prescribed medication with you when you visit Egypt. In case you have finished your medication and will stay for an extra period, you can purchase from pharmacies, but do not forget bringing the prescription because some medicines are not permitted to be sold without a doctor's prescription. You can also head to pharmacies for any minor injuries.

                  In addition, Pharmacies also sell other products that may concern women specifically such as sunblock for heat protection, tan oil for those who wish to make their skin colour darker, deodorants, skincare and hair products and a lot more essential stuff for women. All these products can also be found in large supermarkets and shopping malls. Therefore, you should not worry if you forget to bring any of these things with you because everything is available in Egypt and can be easily found.       

                                                      Following these important tips will help you be prepared for your trip and will reduce your concerns about visiting a new country like Egypt for the first time. Travelling to Egypt is a fantastic idea because your trip will be full of fun, so do not miss it.