Located nearby a village with the same name, the Tombs of Meer are 15: nine of which date back to the Old Kingdom and the rest (where the local rulers were buried) to the Middle Kingdom (400-2475 B.C. & 2475 -1580 B.C.). They are carved in the middle part of the foot of the mountain. Among the tombs' owners are the princes of Al Qusiya (also known as Al-Qusiyah, al-Qūşīyah, Alkuseia, qusiya, and Qusla). As for the tombs' depictions, the scenes vividly manifest the vigor daily life, natural landscapes, many sports activities and games, as well as different types of industries. Some of the owners of the tombs that belong to the Old Kingdom are: Ni-onth-pepi, pepi-ankh, Pepi, Menia, Menkia, and Pketu. On the other hand, some of the owners of the tombs belonging to the Middle Kingdom are: Akh-Hotep, Senbi, and their sons.