On the west mountainside known as (Gabal Qosqam) lies Deir Al Muharraq. ‎This monastery was built by Anba Pachoimous by the beginning of the 4th century. Much of the importance the site enjoys stems from the fact that the Holy Family had stayed in this place for 6 months and 10 days during their flight into Egypt. The monastery houses 5 churches including the oldest church consecrated in the Christian world 38 A.D, the Church of Mar Girgis (built in 1898), the Church of Holy Virgin St. Mary‎, the Church of the Archangel Michael and the Church of St. George. Also enclosed are the fort built by King‎ Xenon in 474 AC as well as a large library which contains hand-written Coptic and Arabic manuscripts from the 13th century. Surrounding the monastery is a 12-meter high wall. A certain kind of festivity is celebrated in the period between June 18th and the 28th every year. Ceremoniously, thousands of pilgrims come to celebrate the consecration of the Church of al-Adra (the Virgin), built upon the cave where, according to the Coptic tradition, the Holy Family stayed.