Many Old Kingdom tombs were found at the Cemetry of el-Hammamiya. Among them are three decorated tombs, belonging to the reign of Khufu. The first tomb, facing the top of the steps belongs to Kakhent I, who held the titles ‘Chief of the Tens of Upper Egypt’ and ‘Overseer of works in the nomes of Upper Egypt’. Kakhent's wife, Ify was given the title the ‘King’s daughter, Prophetess of Neith North of the Wall’. Interestingly, the entrance passage of the Tomb of Kakhent I is decorated with marsh scenes as well as other scenes depicting the deceased accompanied with his wife, son and daughter seated at a table. Dating back to the Old Kingdom, his tomb has several statues, ritual scenes and reliefs depicting Kakhent and his family receiving offerings. The painting and colors of the decorations are still extant. Depicted on walls of the tomb are scenes of boats carrying Kakhent and his wife as well as other scenes of offering bringers and cattle.