The religious institute of King Fuad is located at the Sawra St in the city of Assiut. It was established as a response to the demand of Assuit scholars and remarkable religious figures who asked for an institute to be able to take in the countless students that were crawling to Assiut from the neighboring counties of Upper Egypt. With a Royal Decree of the King, the building was erected over an area of approximately five acres by the River Nile. The foundation stone was put in 1930 AD and the construction process extended over 4 years and was finalized at 1934 AD. The institute was established after the pattern of the built institutes in Cairo. The Moorish-styled institute was built during the reign of King Fuad I, in 1938 to be an edifice dedicated to the thorough studies of Islamic sciences and Jurisprudence. The institute was inaugurated during the era of the King Farouk in 1939 AD. It comprises of three buildings. The first construction is a two floor-building that contains classrooms, offices, a large auditorium for presenting scientific films and occasions, as well as laboratories of biology, chemistry and physics. A rectangle-shaped garden centered by an elegantly designed alabaster fountain is located in the heart of the nave of this building. The second building consists of three floors for the accommodation of the students who come from the neighboring cities. It includes a well-stocked, magnificent library that holds a large collection of scientific and religious books. The third construction is a mosque of a towering Minaret.