Since 1989 our professional travel team is working in Egypt in all fields,  discovering and covering every inch of the country. We made happy more than  100000 tourists that visited Egypt fro all over the world enjoying all kinds of experiences. is unique and leading project built by a team of professionals of Tourism in Egypt in all fields: Tour guides, operators, content editors and marketers.  We do not only offer travel packages and tours for Egypt, but also memories and unforgetable moments. With Egyptopia you can enjoy a wide range of tailor made packages, ready made packages, individual tours, group tours not only to the typical and amazing monnuments and visits of Egypt but also to secret and unknow places isited only buy very few and lucky people. We have a wide range of suppliers network all over egypt and also outside to offer best relaion quality service and price to our customers. We can offer all Egypt nile cruises, dahabiyas, private yachts, ground tours, safaris, combined packages, honeymoon packages, Ddiving and adventure packages.

SInce 1996 we are also aware of the irruption of internet and its effect on the tourism sector and the importance of information technology for the travel industry. We built and manage a wide range of websites all in Toursim fields all with the mission of providing excellennce in service, qaulity and transparency in information and pricing. is built by Hendyana Ads using Keops Solutions Technology .