Dedicated to the worship of god Amun, the Temple of Qasr El-Zayyan (Kasr El-Zayan) lies south of EI Ghawita Temple about 30 km to the south of the city of El-Kharga. Here is one of the most important ancient settlements in the Western Desert known as Takhoneourit in the Pharaonic Period and Tchonemyris (the "Great Well") in the Greek times. At the site, there are ancient cemeteries, ruins of the settlement, the enclosure of a Roman fortress, and a temple dedicated to god Amoun. In the enclosure were found a collection of objects like pottery, coins and glassware. First constructed in the Ptolemaic Era, the temple was built of sandstone rocks. Then, in the Roman Period, it was renewed and enlarged. Within its limits, the temple comprises a court, an antechamber with a staircase leading to the roof and a sanctuary. With its walls standing high, the temple is in a good state and its centre is almost intact. The scenes and transcriptions depict the traditional offerings presented to god Amun of Hibis.