Built between 250 and 80 BC, Qasr (Kasr) El-Ghawita (Ghweita) lies about 17 km south from the city of El Kharga. The ancient name of the site is Per-Wsekh, which was a settlement famous for its wine. The temple, dedicated to the Theban Triad (Amun, Mut, and Khonsu), dates back to the Late Pharaonic Period, but it was rebuilt during the Ptolemaic Period. The fortress that encloses the temple, the remains of houses as well as the buildings of an old village all date back to the Roman Period. Though some of the temple's parts are severely damaged, its 10 meter high walls are nearly intact. The temple's plan consists of a sandstone gate, a courtyard, a hypostyle hall, an offering chamber with a staircase to the roof, and three sanctuaries. As for its depictions, scenes showing traditional offerings presented to the gods were found.