El-Nadourah Fortress (Fort of Nadura) is an archeological site in Al Wadi Al Gadeed, just a little over a mile outside of the city of El Kharga. Dedicated to god Amoun (Amen or Amun) or his spouse, the fortress served as a check-point or a lookout in the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods. At the site, high on a hilltop about 1.5 km, archeologists found the ruins of a Roman temple once enclosed within a Roman fortification. This temple dates back to the reign of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius (2nd century AD). The southern entrance wall of the main temple can still be seen on top of the hill as well as the sandstone gate. It once comprised three rooms. Some depictions and paintings of female musicians playing percussion instruments can still be seen on the temple's remains. Decorating the uppermost portion of the lintel above the south-west entrance is a carving showing an unidentified male and female figure (now badly damaged) beneath a starry sky.