This myth was used to serve a crucial political purpose which id the desire of the members of the 5th dynasty and the members of the family of Cheops in particular to give themselves the legitimacy of assuming the power of Egypt and ascending to the throne. According to the myth there was a magician called Dedi who said that he knows the secret numbers that opens the lock of the sanctuary of Thuth, the god of wisdom. When King Cheops, the builder of the pyramids, wanted to use these secrets in order to protect his building, he asked the magician to give him these numbers but he said that these numbers are hidden in a coffin in Heliopolis and the only one who knows them is the eldest son of the Red-Dedet.

The Red-Dedet was the wife of the priest of Ra who had had a relation with the sun god himself and brought three sons from him. The magician Dedi foretold King Cheops that the sons of the Red Dedet would ascend the power of Egypt after his sons. These good-news made King Cheops reward him by making him one of the royal retainers till his death. The myth describes the moment of giving birth in more details saying that Ra sent some immortal goddesses called Meshkhent, Heket, and Khnum to help Red-Dedet and make the sons come out to life without delay. They helped her and before leaving Meshkhent prophesied that those sons would be one day the rulers of the whole world and gave them their crowns but hided them in a secret place until they grow up and assume the power.
This myth helped King Cheops to keep the throne for his sons and grandsons for a long time. In the fifth dynasty the King Userkaf said that he is the eldest son of the Red-Dedet and that Isis gave him that name when he was born. But there are no other myths that highlight the names of the other two sons of the Red-Dedet or any thing about them.