The Phoenix is a mythical bird that was always pictured in the ancient Egyptian mythology as a handsome bird with two long legs, two feathers falling from the back of his head and a straight beak. It was known also in the ancient Greek mythology and his name was Bennu. According to Herodotus description of the phoenix, which lacks the evidence from the Egyptian texts, it was an immortal bird that comes from Arabia to the Temple of the Sin every 500 years and its color was half gilded and the other half is crimson.

The strange thing of this opinion is that he claims that the Phoenix achieves immortality through a periodical renewal which means that he dies and then return to life as an immortal creature. In the Book of the Dead, the Phoenix is a symbol for rebirth and related to the sun since it rises every morning from the water to the east like Ra and was regarded as the supervisor of all the existing creatures and the god who gives light with his body. The Phoenix was also considered as an eternal bird like Horus or Osiris and there were some spells for helping the dead person in becoming an immortal Phoenix after his death.