The Museum of Islamic Art lies in Maydan Ahmed Maher in the corner where Sharia Muhammad Ali joins Sharia Port Said. One can visit the museum any time except for Friday at the time of Noon prayer.This museum involves a marvelous worth seeing collection of monuments from different eras. There is a rare collection of monument from the Fatimid period. Among the most distinguished objects of this collection is the only remaining part of the Western Palace of Cairo which is a group of beautifully decorated wooden panels. There are also two beautifully decorated Miharbs that were taken from the Mausoleum of Sayyida Ruqayya and Sayyida Nafisa .

Moreover, the Tabut or cenotaph of Sultan Hussein and a marvelous collection of inlaid candlesticks that traces back to the Ayyubid period are displayed there. From the Mamluk period, one can see the beautiful enameled lamps of the mosques and other luxuriously inlaid objects and a band of items finely ornamented with beautiful inscriptions from that phase. One of the most prominent pieces in the museum also is the Minbar of Tatar El-Higaziya Madrasa-Mausoleum . One of the worth seeing pieces in this museum is the magnificent Salsabil that was attached to El-Munastirli palace on Roda Island that date back to the Ottoman period. There are some pieces of art shown from other Islamic countries shown in the museum including Irani ceramics, and Turkish carpets that are worth seeing also.