The Mevlevi Museum locates in El-Helmia Street off El-Seyufia street. This Museum was established by the Italian Team who completed its infrastructure in 1810 while the ornamentation of the building did not complete till 1857. The place of the Mevlevi Museum was once occupied with the remains of Qawsun or Yazbak Palace and part of the Madrasa of Emir Sunqur El Saadi .

After the arrival of the Mevlevi leader Jalal El Din El Rumi and his followers after the Ottoman Conquest in Egypt, they made this area as acenter for them. The Mevlevi Museum is worth visiting for the marvellous stone facase and its wooden door of beautiful Italian style. The museum encloses a collection of artifacts such as Jewel boxes and some of clothes of the Mevlevi Dervishes. Morover is standing in a garden enclosure with a marvellous collection of rare trees, flowers, and birds and with attractive Turkish style.