Ahmed Shawki Museum is located in No.6, AhmedSt. (Kornish El Nil), Giza. Shawki named the building 'Karmet Ibn Hanie', after the name of the great Arab poet, Abu Nawwas. Later on, the house was expropriated in 1972 to be converted into a Museum to provide a glimpse into the life and works of the great Egyptian poet, Ahmed Shawki. Ahmed Shawki was born in 1868 in a wealthy family related to the Khedive Ismael. He was a patriot who defended and advocated the independence of Egypt. Between 1914 and 1920, he was exiled to Spain. However, he was elected Amir Al Sho'araa (Poet Laureate) in 1927. Shawki died in 1932 after having contributed to the renovation of the Arabic poetry, especially the classic type. The museum contains the original furniture of the house including his office, a collection of his manuscripts, some of his clothes, paintings, statues, decorations and photographs.