The White Pyramid of Amenemhat II, the first king of the Twelfth Dynasty, was so named because it was built of white limestone. Its Ancient Egyptian name was 'Sxm' ('The Mighty Pyramid). The extensive use of the pyramid as a quarry from which stones of good quality were taken for other constructions over centuries led to the bad state of the pyramid which is not in ruin. Within its compound, the pyramid comprises a funerary complex, with enclosure walls, a causeway and a valley temple.
To the west of the pyramid, there are the tombs of members of the family of the pyramid's owner. The pyramid's base measure 50 X 50 m. Both the slope and original height are not known. The entrance is located in the middle of the north face. A short corridor descends down into the pyramid leading to a burial chamber. Just before the burial chamber, a shaft of about 2 m leads to a corridor, underneath the entrance corridor.