Giza Plateau is the most important archaeological site in the world that locates on the western bank of the Nile River and few kilometers southward Cairo. It is one of the most admirable and most visited tourist sights all over the world because it houses the Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre (Khephren), and Menkaure and the Sphinx, in addition to a huge number of pyramids and tombs of the Royal Family, high officials, and workmen.
In addition, the site encloses Solar Boat Museum that dates back to 1954, when the charming solar boat was found. Excavation works for more treasures in the area of Giza Plateau and the surrounding areas are still going on. The pyramids discovered till now at the site are 11 in number.
Royal Tombs in Giza

To the east and west of the Pyramid of Cheops (Khafre), there are rows of tombs that belong to relatives of the Royal Family, courtiers and noblemen. This tradition of building the tombs of noblemen around the King's pyramid has an interesting function: there had been a strong desire to be buried next to their relatives so that they could share with them the afterlife in exactly the same way as during their lifetime.

Sound and Light Show at Pyramids

The Open Theatre is located just in front of the Sphinx and it can be reached through  Village, almost near the end of the Pyramids Avenue. The sound and light shows are presented in different languages at each time slot. If you could not find the language you wish, they are still worth seeing as the impact of the pyramids illuminated by night is incomparable. The show consists of a recorded story by the grand figures of the Egyptian History, while a play of recorded music as well as of multiple lights is turning on and off.