The Red Pyramid (also know as 'the Northern Pyramid') dates back to the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. It was built by Sneferu, the father of Keops, after he had built the Pyramid of Meidum and the Bent Pyramid. This northern pyramid was built on a ground plan of 220 m in each side, with a rising angle of 43° 40, nearly the same rising angle of the southern pyramid in its upper section. This northern pyramid had only one entrance that leads to 3 burial chambers.
The pyramid's total height is 99 m. To the east of the northern pyramid, Sneferu built tombs for his sons and daughters as well as for his priests and high officials. Until nowadays, the area around the pyramid had not been excavated. For this reason, it is not yet definite whether the pyramid had a mortuary temple and a valley temple or not. Senefru's wife 'Hetep-heres' built her tomb at Dahshur. Unfortunately, her tomb was robbed; therefore, it was transferred by her son Cheops to Giza. He transferred the objects and furniture as well. Now, these objects are on display in the Egyptian Museum.