Originally, the Pyramid of Senusert I (also known as'the Southern Pyramid of el-Lisht) measured 61 m in height. It lies about 1.5 km from the Pyramid of Amenemhat I. Here, there were discovered the remains of the mortuary temple and the causeway, the walls of which were decorated with scenes and decorative motifs.
The valley temple has not yet been discovered. To the east of this pyramid was found a big pit (called 'el-Lisht Caché') in which were discovered 10 statues of fine limestone for King Senusert I seated on his throne, now on display in the Egyptian Museum. To the south-west of the pyramid were found foundation deposits. The pyramid complex of Senusert I was surrounded by two enclosure walls: the external one was built of mud-brick, and in its core were included 9 pyramids belonging to some royal women.