The Gate, Sabil, Kuttab, and Mausoleum of Tarabay El Sharifi that was established in the Mamluk period locates in Bab El Wazir Street nearby the Mosque of Aytmish. It is better to go through Sharia Bab El- Turba to reach this Monument.The Complex was built by Prince Tarabay El Sharifi who was the chief of Mamluks during the days of Sultan El Ghuri. The design of the tomb resembles that of the Burgi buildings. It has a domed cube and is surrounded by an enclosure.
One can enter the tomb through the gate opposite to the drinking trough of Aytmish Mosque. The remains of that complex, with its dome's handsome inscriptions of the Emir's name and its double-leaf cresting, can be regarded as a good example for the late Mamluk style of decoration. In 1905, the comite renovated that Complex.