Cairo Tower or Borg El Qahira is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in Cairo that is widely visited by both local and foreigners alike. It locates on El Gezira Island ( El Zamalek District) next to the tower, stands the Museum of Modern Art and many other worth visiting places. The tower is about 187 meters height and this allows enjoying an overall view of Cairo with its numerous minarets and its eternal Nile River.

It was established in 1961 during the reign of President Gamal Abd El Naser. Cairo Tower is highly admired for its design as a latticework tube that ends in the shape of a lotus flower and its location overlooking the Nile River. The time for visiting Cairo Tower begins since 9 am unill 1 am in the next day. The best time for visiting the tower for enjoying the panoramic view of Cairo and the Nile is at sunset.