Virgin Mary Monastery in Doronka (also pronounced as 'Dair Durunka' or 'Deir Dronka') is located 100 meters high on Western Assiut Mountain, 100m high and 10km from the city of Assiut. Dair Durunka is approximately 50km. south of Dayr Al- Muharraq and 9km. south of Assiut, the historical city of Lycopolis. According to traditions, the Holy Family started their journey back to Palestine from an ancient date to 2500 BC. It is believed to be the last destinations visited by the Holy Family on their journey through Egypt. The monastery was built around the cave in which they stayed. Within the monastery, the cave Chapel of Virgin Mary is said to date from the first century. Enjoying a great stature, the monastery is visited by many a great deal of Christians every year. It is known that this monastery is better equipped than any other place on the route of the Holy family to receive large numbers of pilgrims, especially during the festival of the Holy Virgin in August.