El Alamein is a town in Matrouh Governorate in the north of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea Coast. It is located 106 km west of Alexandria and 240 km north-west of Cairo. In its long history, Al-Alamein has always been a quite town dedicated to fisheries and oil; however, it is now making impressive strides in improving itself quite rapidly as a preferred resort promising incredible, luxury tourism. As a witness to the country's history, the town is famous for having been the site of two of the major battles in Egypt.
The first battle was fought in July 1942, when the Allied forces stopped the advance of the Axis troops, led by Rommel after wining the Greatest Tank Battle. The second battle was in November 1942, when the Allied troops broke the Axis lines, pushing them till Tunisia. Nowadays, El Alameen Beach is one of the remarkable tourist attractions in Matrouh that is highly admired for its marvelous weather, white soft sand, and fascinating natural beauty.
Alameen Beach is located 104 km west of Alexandria. A heavenly spot out of this world, the beach is widely known for its pure water, soft sands and glorious views. Visitors of the beach have a fancy for its moderate climate. According to Churchill (a Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940 to 1945), this place enjoys the best climate in the world.