El Alamein is a small town about 120 Km west of Alexandria. Established in 1965 and renewed in 1992, El-Alamein Military Museum has exhibits that represent the countries which participated in one of the most decisive battles of World War II, namely the Great Battle of Alamein: Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Egypt. Victory was gained by the Allies and Egypt was saved from them. This resulted in the defeat (1943) of the Axis powers in North Africa. Consequently, the site has great deal of war artifacts and land mines. Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom had gifted the museum with war information and military equipments. The grand open courtyard of the museum comprises lots of vehicles, cannons and warlike equipments remains.
Among the exhibits inside this war museum are a collection of arms and tanks used in the battle check by jowl with some interesting images and paintings and illustrations explaining the different phases of the battle. Also on display is a priceless set of maps, war plans, charts and military medals. The museum has 5 principal sections and a central hall that has the memorial site. In the first section, one can view military tools belonging to the countries that participated in the WW II. In the second section, there are some representatives of the Italian. In the third section, one can see Egypt hall. The fourth section provides visitors with a glimpse into some elements of the German Army while the fifth section shows the British Army.