The Mountain of the Dead is located in Siwa Oasis, in the Western Desert, in the north-west of Egypt. It is an archeological site that compromises a necropolis dating back to the Late Pharaonic and the Greco-Roman Periods. At times, the caves served as a shelter for the Bedouins; and for that reason, most of the tombs are in a bad state. In design, most tombs consist of only one or two chambers. Noticeably, there are four distinguishable tombs that worth beholding, one of which is the Tomb of Si-Amoun (probably a rich man) which stands as the most beautiful of all. In a graceful manner, the scenes depict a large number of Egyptian gods and goddess.
Simply decorated, the Tomb of the Crocodile, which dates back to the 4th century, consists of three rooms. Here, the scenes represent the Crocodile and other animals as well as Osiris, Isis, and the Deceased. Larger, in size, than the other tombs at the site, the Tomb of Niperpathot (a Prophet of Osiris and a scribe) comprises a hall and three rooms. On its walls were found some inscriptions and scenes of Osiris and Isis. The Tomb of Mesu-Isis is unfinished and has only one painted wall with rows of cobras (Uraeus). Although the archeologists failed to know anything about the tomb's owner, they knew that his wife was a woman called Mesu-Isis.