The Temple of Umm Obaidah lies within a group of palm trees, in the vicinity of the rock of Agurmi, where the Temple of Amoun (also known as the Temple of the Oracle) is located. In ancient times, both temples were connected by a causeway.
At the site, there are huge blocks scattered every where; and from the temple itself only one wall remains. Unfortunately, in the 19th century (in c. 1890), the chief of the police station, Mahmoud Azmy, blew up the temple with gunpowder with the aim to obtain its rocks to be used in building a private house and the police station. It is thought that the temple was built by Nectanebo II, of the Thirtieth Dynasty. The scenes in the temple represent him and Wenamun, the Libyan governor of Siwa, worshipping Amoun and other Libyan deities.