Pharaoh Tuthmosis II (Thuthmusis II, Thotmusis II, or Thuthmes II) was the fourth king of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1492-1479 BC). In his fourteen years on the throne, he supported several military campaigns against the enemies of Egypt -- the Hyksos in western Asia and the Nubians to the south. A campaign into Nubia fought by Tuthmosis II's commanders in his name is recorded in this reign on wall reliefs of a temple. The Tomb of Tuthmosis II (KV 42) is located in the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor. There is still some doubt as to whether this tomb was actually the burial place of the King. Lacking decoration, the tomb comprises an unfinished and unpolished empty sarcophagus in its cartouche-shaped burial chamber. But his mummy and coffin were found within the mummy cache of TT 320. The titles of the King were written in black paint on yellow bands which run down the centre and around the coffin. When Maspero unwrapped Tuthmosis II's mummy in 1886, the King's body had been badly damaged by tomb robbers and it had to be pieced back together again. Found at the tomb are some pots and other burial items. Any objects found in the tomb had been washed in with rainwater flooding, no items belonging to Tuthmosis II have been found.