Seemingly, the change from the Eighth Dynasty to the Ninth passed smoothly, as the new kings followed the policy of their predecessors. The number of the Ninth Dynasty rulers range roughly from 4 to 13. According to the Turin Papyrus, the number of the Eighth Dynasty's rulers estimated 13 kings. But because this papyrus was badly damaged, we lost most of their names.

In addition, the Turin Papyrus mentioned that the kings of the Ninth Dynasty ruled for 109 years. The founder of the Ninth Dynasty was called Akhtoy (Khety I), the head of a powerful family at Ihnasya who took over the authority of the country. According to Manetho, this king, being cruel, treated the Egyptians badly. That is, they suffered a lot in his time until he grew even madder at the end of his life. When his hour came, he was attacked by a crocodile and died. The country was spilt into three different powers:

1. The Delta: it was exposed to the attacks of the Bedouins, the Asiatics already started to infiltrate into the country settling in the Delta.

2. Middle Egypt: It included Faiyum, Menia, Asyut, Sohag up to Abydos that were in the hands of Akhtoy. Thus, Abydos was considered the border of his control.

3. Beyond Abydos became in the hand of the nome governors who were still each powerfully ruling in his own province and trying to increase his power and defeat the rivals. Thus, we assume that the rulers of Ihnasya were still asking for the support of the nome governors who were building their own tombs in their provinces, but still loyal to the Ihnasya rulers, paying tributes to them.