During the Eighth Dynasty, the capital was still the city of Memphis. We do not know much of the Eighth Dynasty or how many kings it exactly included. It seems that the country was divided: on the one hand, the Delta (Lower Egypt) was attacked by the Bedouins, still causing much fear. On the other hand, in Middle and Upper Egypt, things were much better since the governor of each nome wanted to become independent in his own home, and wanted to control some areas of the neighboring province.
Eventually, this left a continuous state of conflict and disorder behind. Rulers at Memphis depended on the support of some nome governors in Upper Egypt. They tried to gain their support either by giving them some privileges, or even by marriage. Inside the ruins of the temple of Min at Coptos were found three decrees, sent by the last three kings of the Eighth Dynasty to members of the family of Coptos. They highly appreciated these decrees and inscribed their texts on some stone stelae inside the temple. It is noteworthy that most of the monuments of the Eighth Dynasty were found in Abydos and Coptos, nowadays one of the cities in Qena Governorate. These monuments were not in Memphis even though Memphis was the capital. At a certain point, the ruling family of Ihnasya took over the throne, and managed to rule over the country.