Deir Amba Bishoy (Monastery of St. Bishoi) or Deir Al-Ahmar (Red Monastery) lies 4mi/6km to the northwest of Deir Al Abyad (White Monastery) in Suhag. Situated within a small village near Sohag, about 4 kilometers south-east of the Red Monastery. It is now enclosed on two sides by modern buildings. Although it is one of the most famous Christian monasteries in Egypt, very little is known about its history. The monastery was dedicated to St. Bishoy, who was a contemporary of Apa Pjol (Bigol) who founded this monastery in 442 as well. The Church of Saints Bishai and Bigol, built at the same time as the White Monastery, was originally an aisled basilica with finely carved capitals. The sanctuary has apses, columns and poorly preserved ceiling paintings. The Red Monastery derives its name from the color of its construction materials, which include red (burnt) brick. Interestingly, it bears some architecturally similar resemblance to the White Monastery of St Shenouda.