Port Said is a governorate of Egypt located in the northeast of the country, on the bank of the Suez Canal, on the Mediterranean Coast. It is border with Ismailia Governorate from the south, North Sainai from the east, and Damietta from the west and covers about 1344.96 km. This location makes it one of the important trade points in Egypt, the linking point between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and the gateway for the Suez Canal. Port Said is a popular summer resorts highly admired for its magnificent weather throughout the year, its beaches of white soft sand and its crystal clear water.

It encloses a large number of hotels and villas of all services that ensure all possible means of ease and relaxation for its visitors. On top of the monumental places in Port Said are El Farma Area and El Tannis Area. Port Said Free Zone is one of the major trade centers in Egypt that is provided with all essential services and infrastructure for attracting new investment projects to the governorate. The major economic resources for the governorate are trade, logistic services and spinning and weaving some other food industries.

Port Said City is the capital of Port Said Governorate and one of the major ports on the Mediterranean Sea Coast. It is located on the western bank of the Suez canal opposite to Port Fuad. The city was so named after the name of Khedive Said, who ruled Egypt in the 19th century and began the project of digging the Suez Canal. During the Pharaonic Period, its name was 'Sena Per-Amun' (the House of Amoun). In Greco-Roman Period, it was named Pelusium.

The Arabs called it Al-Farma. The Nile had a branch that ended in a city with the same name. For its position, the city was always exposed to attacks launched by the invaders of Egypt. In the 20th century, the city suffered a great deal of destruction throughout the wars of 1956, 1967 and 1973. In the wake of the re-inauguration of the Suez Canal, President Saddat favored Port Said and declared it a free trade zone which led the city into a rapid prosperity.

The major economic resources for the city are mainly derived from the Suez Canal Traffic and logistic services during the exportation of frozen seafood and agricultural products that come from the other governorates. Port Said City is renowned for some industries such as textile, clothing, and car spare parts like batteries and tires. The city is provided with all the essential services especially railways linking it with other governorates for facilitating transporting goods.


El Zohor is one of the districts of Port Said Governorate that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and joins Damietta Governorae from the west border. It is bordered with El Manzala lake from its south border and El Daqahlia from its western side. It is one of the most beautiful districts in Port Said that is provided with all essential services of water supply, electircity supply, sanitation, and health care services. El Montazah Park and Benzert Park are worth visiting places in El Zohor City.

El Sharq is one of the districts of Port Said Governorate overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Coast. It covers about 5,20km² and is bordered with the western bank of the Suez Canal from the east and this makes logistic services one of its main economic centers.


El Janob is one of the districts of Port Said Governorate that is bordered with Ismailiya Governorate from the south and El Dakahlia from the west. It is one of the important areas in the governorate that encloses a large number of industrial and agricultural projects that is regarded as the main source of income for the city. Recently, a large number of services have been supplied to the city to ensure comfortable life for its inhabitants and increase investment rate. Port Fuad is a city in Port Said Governorate on the eastern bank of the Suez Canal facing the city of Port Said. The city was so named after the name of King Fuad I who founded the city in 1927. The city is highly distinguished by its gardens, parks, beaches and houses that were mainly dedicated to the workers in the Suez Canal. The most used means of transportation for moving from a city to another in Port Fuad is the free ferries.