Saint George Convent locates in the Coptic compound in Old Cairo as a part of the Church of Mar Girgis or Saint George. This is one of the most visited monasteries because of the great religious value of its owner who has been tortured severely for seven years before his martyrdom. One of the icons is depicting him with two angels descending from heaven and giving him seven crowns as a reward for his strong faith and bravery. This icon with fascinating mosaic works is placed before the entrance of the shrine, while another one with the same depiction exists within the tomb itself. The main entrance of the church stands few meters away from the main street surrounded by some of the monuments of the Fatimid Cairo and preceded by a flight of stair steps. Next to the door with huge panels dating back to the Fatimide period one can find a central hall and the portal of the shrine of Saint George. The interior plan of central hall encloses some handsomely decorated wooden portal and seven rooms that were used as residence for the nuns. Worth admiration in this main hall the wooden works, ornate ceiling, and the finely decorated doors leading to the shrine of St. George. This part of the convent was once the Qaa of a wealthy merchant in the Fatimid period and was annexed to the church later. The portal of the shrine is ornamented with attractive patterns reflecting the Islamic style of decoration while the ceiling is decorated with some verses from the psalms. In the center of the shrine of Saint George one would find the chains that were used for crippling him which are regarded as blessed Object.