The Church of Saint Menas is one of the oldest churches in Cairo that was dedicated to Saint Mina, one of the Christian martyrs who died during the Roman Empire in Egypt. It locates in Fum El Khalig in Old Cairo in Al Hamra district. The Original church of Saint Menas traces back to the 6th century but it was totally destructed at in the age of Abd El Malik Ibn Marawan. The reconstruction of the church took place in the second half of the 12th century. It was once involving the relics of Saint Mina that has been transfered to his monastery in Alexanderia in 1962. The church is distinguished by the beautiful mosaic works depicting Saint George and other saints over one of its walls. In the western corner of the church one can see a beautiful gate with attractive latticework followed by a short stairway leading to the tomb of two famous priests. It is annexed to the church of Saint Bahnam and Saint George. The plane of the church is similar to the other churches since it consists of central nave surrounded by some side aisles and sanctuaries and the ceiling is supported with some pillars. Worth admiration in this church is the marble ambon and the columns supporting it. The southern sanctuary of the church is used as a sacristy while the southeast area is dedicated to baptistery. Of special interest in these churches are the beautiful icons from the Old and the New Testament.