Ancient Hut-hery-ib (Athribis or Athribite) is an ancient city that dates back to the Old Kingdom period. Today, it is called Kom Sidi Youssuf. The city's remains are located in the area of Tell Atrib, near Benha, about 50 km from Cairo. It was once the capital of the tenth nome. Different kings from a number of dynasties had some constructions built at this site. Amenhotep III erected a temple in the city, from which no remains survived. During the Pharaonic Era, the army had in Athribis a permanent base, and so did the Roman Army. At the site, there are only some few remains that once belonged to a Late Period. Several of these date to the Graeco-Roman period. A temple dedicated to goddess Thriphis and an extensive Graeco-Roman cemetery were also found. Among treasured unearthed here were silver ingots, jewelry (now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo), ceramic materials, vessels, furnaces, stoves, faience vessels, as well as a number of limestone votive objects.