The village of Mut is an ancient settlement and the capital of El Dakhla Oasis. Interestingly, the village gained its name from the ancient Egyptian goddess Mut, a revered deity of the Theban Triad. It is still inhabited with a few number of local people of the oasis and modernity is a feature the place gains very rapidly. The village is famous for its numerous friendly restaurants, graceful palm groves, sulphuric springs, medieval Islamic cemetery, and remains of a famous ancient citadel. It is also renowned for its mud-brick houses and narrow lanes. One of the landmarks in the village is the extensively- decorated Faruk Mosque. What most attract tourists swarming to the site is the huge number of skillful table-makers, cotton presser, millers, blacksmiths, and tailors they encounter there. Today, the Dakhla Oasis Training and Archaeological Conservation Project help the people of the village learn to honor and preserve their own heritage.