Hoping to acquire your satisfaction, you shall find many tour operators organizing desert safaris are awaiting to serve your appetite. Desert safaris are designed to suit everyone, not just those who have a deep interest in geology or who want to study the desert and its inhabitants. If you just love nature and serenity and want to try something a little different, maybe one of these is for you.Daily, several hotels and travel agencies are organizing special desert safaris. Destinations include Bahariya Oasis, the White Desert, the Black Desert and Farafra in the Western Desert, as well as Nuweiba in South Sinai. Either way, travelers will get to enjoy a unique camping experience in the wilderness of nature.
Numerous agencies offer desert safari in the Western Desert. The journey starts from Cairo and proceeds to Bahariya, where travelers can tour the city, visit the Temple of Alexander the Great, the Tombs of the Nobles, the Golden Mummies and the English Mountain. The next day, you will drive on towards the White Desert, visiting the area of wonders, the mushroom area, the crystal mountain and the Black Desert. That night, you camp in the White House area where you will enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner under the stars. The following morning, you start to explore the wild formations of the desert, the Santa Tree and wind-carved sculptures that resemble both human and animal faces. The group then drives to Farafra oasis, where you can tour the city and visit the museum of local artist Badr. On the next day you strike camp after breakfast and head back, both on- and off-road, through the magnificent desert till you reach Cairo.