Sharm El Sheikh is the major city in South Sinai Governorate and one of the major tourist attractions not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East. It locates in a very strategic and charming place on El Aqba Gulf about 53km away from Ras Mohamed Natural Park. In the past it was regarded as an important port but after the great attention paid to coral reefs protection, tourism became the essential economic resource for the city. Sharm El Sheikh is highly admired for its magnificent weather throughout the year, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. Admirers of adventure will find it an ideal place to satisfy their passion for windsurfing, safari cruises, camel and horse riding as well as safaris in the desert.

People of little experience in diving enjoy snorkeling and watching the colorful groups of fish and the charming coral reefs that can be clearly seen in the clean water.On the other hand, professionals assure that Sharm El Sheikh is one of the best places for diving in the world and there are numerous highly qualified scuba diving boats with all amenities and comforts for divers. There are some rules that divers in Sharm El Sheikh should abide by including banning spear fishing, banning fishing within 150m of reef, banning throwing waste into water.Famous for its hospitality, the city generously renders luxurious services through five-star hotels with the highest standards of accommodation, casinos, night clubs and numerous shopping markets. It can be reached by air through Sharm El Sheikh International Airport that is regarded as the largest and busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport.