El-Qasr is a small village in El-Dakhla Oasis. The village itself is an interesting place to visit since no big change has been made to it since the ancient times. In different corners of the village, archeologists found a pottery factory, an old corn mill, as well as various Roman, Mameluke and Ottoman remains. The Mosque and Madrasa of El-Qasr Both the Mosque of El-Qasr (also known as Nasr el-Din Mosque) and the Madrasa (Quranic school) date back to the Ayyubid Period (c. 1000 AC).
The mosque, built of mud brick, has a 21-meter well-preserved wooden Minaret. Magnificently, the eye-catching Quranic inscriptions on the wooden works are gracefully appealing. It comprises a congregation hall, a prayer hall, and a number of painted aisles. Modeled on the Ayyubid style of architecture, the mosque is decorated with simple ornaments. In the Madrasa, only subjects related to Islam were educated.