Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, erected by Emir Jarkas El-Khalili who served as Master of the horse of Sultan Barquq, situates in the area between El-Musky Street and Sayyidna El-Hussein Square. It is one of the most famous touristic places in Egypt that is visited by a large number of foreign and Egyptian people alike. It was mainly established in the 15th century as a market for non-Egyptian merchants, but now the structure of the market is different since most of those sellers left. The spirit of the Mamluk period is reflected through the few remaining ornaments and the structure of the original building as a whole. Of special note in Khan El-Khalili are the remains of the original gate of the Khan: some stonework and the modest iron grilles. One can find also a dome that date back to the days of Sultan El-Ghuri. The central courtyard of the Khan is occupied by the touristic police post now and the small shops around it are in a ruinous state now but still trading in old furniture and so.

Nowadays the Khan is a huge commercial center for trading in gold bangles and necklaces, brass and copper plates, tent making works , and other charming antiques at good prices. The location of the market in the center of the Fatimide monuments and other mosques and Sabils make many tourists visit it as a part of their program of visiting these places. Among other things in Khan El-Khalili appears obviously El-Fishawi Tea house which is a famous place for gatherings and having drinks. El-Hussein Hotel is a beautiful building standing in one of the corners of the street next to El-Fishawi Teahouse. In the 5th floor of the hotel one can enjoy a delicious meal while looking over the surrounding area and seeing the beautiful Minarets of El-Azhar and the domes of other adjacent monuments. There are other places that one can visit in Khan El-Khalili including Dahan, a famous restaurant for grilled meats, and the Egyptian Pancake House.