Before Travelling to a major country like Egypt, you need to be aware of the means of transportation available that will enable you to move freely and easily from a place to another. Egypt’s transportation network has witnessed a great development along with its roads that has improved a lot over the years in order to facilitate the movement of tourists and citizens since it is one of the most visited destinations which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Visitors admire heading to Egypt’s incredible cities to spend an enjoyable time on its beaches and to learn more about the history and culture of the country by visiting its famous attractions and monuments. Therefore, Egypt provides a large transportation network with various means of transportation, and thus you just need to choose a suitable way for the flexibility of your trip.

                     Egypt comprises prime international airports serving both international flights and domestic flights which allow transferring between its popular cities containing other important airports like Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Hurghada and more. The Cairo International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt operating flights by EgyptAir airline and others. You will enjoy having a safe and comfortable flight with cheap tickets and in a short period to your favourite destination.

                   The railway system is another way that facilitates transporting from a city to another. Egypt has one of the oldest railway networks in Africa since its first line was inaugurated around the year 1854 AD and operated between Alexandria and Kafer Eassa. The railway network has upgraded and improved over the years, therefore, trains have become one of the safest ways for transportation in Egypt. The main train station in Cairo is the Ramses station, which is also called Misr Station, situated on Midan Ramses. Trains link between several Egyptian cities, and thus it serves trips from Cairo to Alexandria, Delta, Mersa Matrouh, Luxor, Aswan and more. There are air-conditioned trains travelling from Cairo to Alexandria or Aswan and include sleeping areas and offers comfortable trips. These trains are also divided into two classes: the first class contains armchairs for lying down and screens for watching videos along with other services; the second class is more crowded, comprises fewer features than the first class and has a cheaper ticket. Egypt also offers non-air conditioned trains which consist of second and third classes but these are not usually used by tourists unless they are the only option available.  

                     Moreover, you can take a metro, which is also associated with the railway network, to move around from a place to another with less expense and in a faster way because you will not get stuck in traffic, so transferring will be much easier. The Cairo Metro system is one of the first systems to be established in the Arab world. The first line that operates from Helwan to Ramses opened around the year 1987 AD. Currently, it is divided into three lines and is still expanding, and there are 3 stations which enable your transfer from a line to another. You will find three types of tickets which are categorized according to the number of stations you ride and you can buy these tickets when you arrive at the metro station. There are air-conditioned and non-air conditioned metros which consist of vehicles for women only and others for mixed genders. Sometimes you will find it empty and you will get to find a sit but other sometimes it gets a bit crowded. The alternative of the metro network in Alexandria is the tram serving different routes with the cheapest tickets.

                        Buses are also available in all cities of Egypt, easy to be found and exist in large numbers. There are microbuses, minibuses and large buses and they cover all the routes you would like to go. There are several bus stations in Egypt, and buses are available all the time but they may actually get very crowded at times. Bus tickets are cheap, and the length of the period of reaching your destination depends on the traffic. You might also want to try the air-conditioned buses with determined routes but its tickets will be more expensive than regular buses.

                       In addition, there are other buses related to companies such as Go Bus Company and Blue Bus Company. These companies provide more comfortable buses with luxurious facilities and services and offer a fast, safe and entertaining trip. You can reserve the Go bus or Blue bus wherever you are since they cover a large number of stations. You can use the website or the mobile application to book your trip easily and simply. Buses are available 24-hours a day to enable you to book your trip at any time you like. The Go bus offers three classes: the Elite Plus, Business and Royal Class. All classes include a free meal and drinks but the Elite Plus class has extra services such as free Wi-Fi, LCD screens for each passenger and amazingly comfortable seats. You also get to arrive on time according to scheduled trips.

                    In Egypt, you can also use taxis to reach your destination wherever you are. Taxis are available everywhere but are more expensive than other means of transportation. You will find taxis easily in the streets but there are also other taxis that can be booked over the phone. You can ask the reception at your hotel to request a private taxi for you to enjoy a relaxing trip to your favourite destination. There are also the Uber and Careem companies which offer private taxis for customers, aim at providing comfort during your trip to be fully satisfied with service and enable you to arrive faster.

                     Furthermore, you will find Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan and vice versa that will allow you to have an amusing trip on board. You will get to enjoy observing fascinating sites and learning more about the culture and history of Egypt, in addition to watching several entertaining performances on board. The great progress that Egypt has undergone in the transportation field has allowed it to possess all these different means of transportation and more to make your trip convenient.