King Mariut

King Mariot or King Marriut is one of the most famous places in Alexandria that is renowned for its three,  four and five star hotels, magnificent weather and attractive natural scenes. It is about 35 km westward Alexandria and can be easily reached by air, bus or car. It is one of the major tourist attractions and health spa in Egypt.

El Amerya

El Amerya is an industrial city in the governorate of Alexandria, famous for its textile manufacture. There are a huge number of factories in various industries such as petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Due to the existence of these factories the number of inhabitants of the city reaches 457,800 people. The is a large number of public clubs and entertainment centers for the residents in El Amereya as well

Abusir Temple, Temple of Taposiris Magna

The ruins of the Temple of Abu Sir (Abusir), known as the Temple of Taposiris Magna, are located in the district of Abu Sir, around 50 km west to the city of Alexandria.It was built during the Ptolemaic Period and was dedicated to god Osiris. The actual remains include the outer walls and the pylons. Nearby the temple, there are the remains of the animal necropolis, public baths built by the emperor Justinian, quays, a bridge, a tower built by Ptolemy Philadelophos, and a Christian church— evidence that the temple was used as a church in later centuries. The tower was an exact scale replica of the destroyed Alexandrine Pharos Lighthouse. Interestingly, a female skull was found during a radar survey of the temple.

Borg El-Arab

New Burg El Arab City that was inaugurated in November 1988 is currently one of the major residential and industrial zones in Alexandria. It constructed as a part of the governmental plan for creating new cities for absorbing the current and future population, providing more work opportunities for youth and decreasing desertification. .It is regarded as the most important industrial zone in Egypt for enclosing a huge number of factories and institutions that provide the investors and owners of all small and medium projects whether public or private with all needed facilities and services. The main goal for providing that wide range of facilities is to increase the Egyptian participation in the world trade, and descending the transaction costs to encourage more investors for investing their capital in Egypt. . Burg El Arab Airport is one of the main factors behind raising the importance of the city. It stands about 25 km to the southwest of Alexandria city. The airport comprises of three immigration disks and four check-in desks and one lounge area and two departure gates in addition to other facilities and means of entertainments for the passengers and there is a flight every four hours taking off the airport. . There is a plan for expanding the airport for serving a larger number of passengers in the near future..

Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach

Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach is one of the renowned tourist attractions in Egypt for its magnificent weather, white sandy beach, and crystal clear water. It is about 162 km away from Marsa Matruh and about 130 km westward Alexandria and only 25 km to the west of El Alamin. This strategic location makes it most one visited places in Egypt.


Marina Beach

Marina is one of the renowned beaches in Egypt widely visited by both tourists and wealthy Egyptians alike. It is a beach of about 11 km long overlooking the Mediterranean coast and 300 m away from Cairo. It can be reached by plane or by car. Marina is the most distinguished tourist Village not only in Egypt but in the Middle East as a whole for its luxuriously decorated limestone Villas, natural bays, vast green areas, and magnificent weather. Porto Marina encloses a full scale tourist center with all needed medical, commercial and entertainment services in its middle. Marina is distinguished from other tourist villages for its specialized beaches since there are some beaches dedicated only for youth and renowned for loud music and the wide range of water sports practiced there.