The Tomb of Psusennes I is one of the tombs of the Royal Necropolis of Tanis, that were found intact. Discovered by Montet on 20 March 1939, the tomb was such an outstanding and surprising discovery to archeologists. Yet unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the Second World War. Among the objects discovered in the tombs there was a silver falcon-headed coffin of Shoshenq II, two mummies and some funerary equipment.
In the burial chamber was found a granite sarcophagus usurped from King Merenptah, son of Ramses. This sarcophagus contained a solid silver coffin with a golden mummy-board and a golden mask covering the face of Psusennes I. Within the tomb's other chambers, the mummies of King Amenemope, general Ankhefenmut, and general Wendjebauendjed were found. Around these mummies, many funerary and precious objects were found.