Testimonies are available of a tomb (now lost) called 'Tomb 100'. It was a Pre-Dynastic tomb of great significance. That is because on its wall murals are pictured animals, birds, horned beasts, warriors with bucklers, scenes of hunting and the mastery of animals, fights between small groups of men, boats, hand-to-hand combat and much more. Between 1979 and 1985, 12 tombs were found in Cemetery 6 dating to the Naqada I and early Naqada II Periods and belonging to members of the local elite. Tomb 11 still contains –among other items– beads in carnelian, garnet, turquoise, faience, gold, and ivory. In Tomb 1, paintings of an early temple or palace made from wooden posts and surrounded by a wooden fence were found. Other tombs were discovered with human and animal bones, savanna elephant bones, and pottery masks.