Buto (or Pe in the Ancient Egyptian) was the capital of the North before the unification of the country in 3100 BC. It locates about 95km from Alexandria and was regarded as the capital of the 6th Lower Egypt Nome. The remains of Buto are located near the city of Desouq on the bank of Rosetta Branch of the Nile, in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate.
The actual remains consist of three mounds that comprise some ruins of two cities and a temple dating back to the Greco-Roman Period. a series of archeological excavations had been made and numerous pots, cemeteries and other monuments dating back to various kingdoms in ancient Egypt proves the prominent position of this area in the old times.
One of the worth admiration things in this area currently is the open air museum with some monuments and cemeteries that date back to the Predynastic period.